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I made this blog because I am great fan of this game. Find all those help, tips & tricks in this blog to help you through the game. Send me a message for any criticsm or comments to make this blog your favorite site ever!

Contact Me : info9892@gmail.com

Hack-Vision For Counter Strike Opengl32.dll [VAC Proof]

Hack-Vision Aimbot CSS Public v1.1 [VAC Proof]
VAC Proof since 24/10-07

This Hack Can Work In All Parts Of Counter Strike

hacks :

  1. Aim-Key (F1)
  2. XQZ Wallhack (F2)
  3. Mag Hack (F3)
  4. CrossHair (F4)
  5. AimBot (F5)
other hacks :

no-smoke (when wallhack is on) 

    YouTube VIDEOS:

    demo1 - hack video
    demo2 - hack tutorial
    demo3 - hack video

    YouTube channel

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