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Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles


The poor man's sniper rifle, not really, but if you are low on cash this sniper rifle probably won't be out of your reach ($2750). One scout bullet
can do a lot of damage on an unsuspecting victim on the other side of a map, but it can just as easily kill them if you get a headshot.....if not, two body shots should do the same job. It has two zoom functions as secondary fire, just to make it that little bit easier.

If you're a sniping fan and can be very accurate, this is a great gun for the money you pay...it's accurate (obviously) but more importantly it's not that inaccurate when you're on the move. Obviously you can't run and jump around whilst shooting and expect to hit someone, but if you're crawling or even walking then you're in with a chance (very much unlike the AWM). The 10 bullets in each clip should suffice, providing you have the ability to stay well clear of any CQB.


There are endless debates about this gun as so many people love it, yet so many people hate it and of course, lots couldnt care. It used to the case that one shot anywhere on the body would be a kill, until it was toned down so that a leg/arm shot wouldn't kill anymore. That's still an ok deal in my opinion though, under $5000 for a gun that will kill if you can hit your opponent's head or chest area.

If you like sniping you'll more than likely love the AWM, it's a great sniper rifle (again 2 zoom functions) and can be put to great effect with a Desert Eagle as your sidearm/backup. It has a slower rate of fire than the scout but from great distances you can afford to wait the little extra. Stay out of CQB as well, because when you're zoomed out you won't have a crosshair (disabled by CS team to discourage people pushing into small areas for easy kills).


I'm not a fan of this gun at all, and I don't think most of the CS players are either as it's widely under used. Considering this gun has two zoom functions and costs a small fortune ($5000), you'd think it would have good accuracy.....wrong. It seems ok at times but too often you'll end up dead thinking 'wait a minute, I should've hit him 6 times at least!'.

Decent rate of fire for a sniper rifle and it's powerful enough but not worth buying really, judge for yourself. You'll rarely find a player who swears by it and can actually do very well with it, but maybe not even as often as that. T only.


Much like the G3, this gun is pretty rarely seen in CS. It basically functions like the G3 but is CT only, is cheaper and is also less powerful.

I'm not convinced with this type of gun, it's not ideal for sniping yet it's certainly no good close up and for the money you pay you won't get very much longevity in return, as you'll be dead soon enough if you hold onto this gun (some will disagree but most people don't like it). Definitely not the gun to go for if you have lots of money at your disposal, try an Aug or an AWP?

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